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He gained most of his fame for his two enormous chryselephantine (gold and ivory) sculptures: One of Athena in the Parthenon, and the other of Zeus at Olympia.These statues had such a profound impact that they determined all subsequent conceptions of Athena and Zeus.The internet security experts M86, who uncovered the scam, estimate that at least £675,000 has been illegally transferred from the UK in the last month - and that the attacks are still continuing.

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Victims of online banking fraud usually get their money back.A spokesman for HSBC said: 'There are millions of viruses and other malicious software.'We urge people to take basic measure to protect themselves from virus attacks.Earlier this month, an internet security company Trusteer, warned that 100,000 British computers were infected with an earlier version of Zeus.Phidias was an Athenian sculptor, the son of Charmides, and is generally acknowledged as the greatest ancient Greek sculptor and instigator of the classical style of the 5th and 4th centuries BC.The latest attack involved a Trojan called Zeus v3 which hides inside adverts on legitimate websites.

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