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Which leads me to think that the ID of the edited field is being converted incorrectly. Text is empty string becuase your Member Id column is databound and appears as textbox in edit mode.Also, you may have permission to read, but not update, the database through the server? Alternate text is also used for accessibility so that users who cannot see the graphic can hear its description read out loud.A number that indicates the likelihood of how often the ad is displayed.The Ad Created Event Args is a reference to the ad that is being created.The following code snippet sets the Image Url, Navigate Url, and Alternate Text for an ad programmatically: List controls include the List Box, Drop Down List, Check Box List, Radio Button List, and Bulleted List.If specified, only those ads with a keyword matching the keyword filter will be displayed.A weighting number that determines how often a particular ad is likely to appear.

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I receive no error message, it just doesn't update. I'm also aware of possible postback or databind problems but I don't think that's the problem either.

The following controls are some of the controls that derive from Data Bound Control.

The Ad Rotator control allows you to display a graphic banner on a Web page that is linked to a specific URL.

To display ads from the above XML file, add an Ad Rotator control to a page and set the Advertisement File property to point to the XML file as shown below: The text displayed if the image cannot be found.

In some browsers, the text is displayed as a Tool Tip.

Each of these controls can be data bound to a data source.

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