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seriously no wonder Afghanistan is getting bombed everyday Coz u ppl r too busy fighting amongst eachother. GO FIX UR UGLY FACE U PARASITE actually these people in this video werent even afghans obviously some motherfucker without a culture other than licking shit off of afghans shoes uploaded this video I know he must be paki they are so jealous that afghanistan wasnt a dirty shit smelling country like their parasite hole. u kww they were eating daaalllllllllllllllllll plz.. JUST stupid to put this kind of vedio it is was in Canada strip place I would hit with coin!! WHo TAKE KHUROSAN FROM ira N fucke D all o F u I am Jewish, and live alongside Arabs so can tell you that the girls dancing in this vid are Arabs, NOT Afghan.

he dnt even kno tht 1000 of ppl r readin his cmmntz n he should mind his F""""ink is ma last msg to u bcz as afghans say its not good 2 try teach donkey to behave good bcz it jst wont happn. Please take advise do not distract your self with this. whatever it is or which ever people, its pretty nasty and sick.

I'm a female and I'm horrified by this video, just look at these men.

Who cares whether these girls are Iranian, Afghan, or Pakistani...

u kw wat.u hav got bare time boy i dont hav no time to waste on these kinda shits.k so it is better to get a life n make u r life instated of talking about others countries or how they r u shuld think about ur country that how it is getting distroied. go n make u r country abit n stop chating shit about others k.. It's a Dajaal and the last period of time near to The Last Day Of Judgment. people just running up and touching the dancers dont even fly in America.

idiot iam not a hard fucked pussy but iam a hard strong dick though and you wanna know how my dick got that hard it is because i had to fuck 500 paki women in one month so for that i had to take heaps of viagra which still is ercting my dick.i know it is because when paki pussies misses my dick it goes erict.... And you people stop bashing each other, its not enoght that the half the world hates us ??

u Send Agents n Killed Our Leader in the Governament of Butto asssholessss .

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