Love and dating tip

It gives them permission to see themselves and align their values, roles and expectations with their authentic selves.

I hear many of my female clients say, “I don’t beat around the bush when I’m dating. So after the first or second date, I am very straight forward about what I want and if they don’t align with that, I’m on to the next person.” To be honest, I actually think this can be great.

This is OK, but understanding how it may be impacting you is important.On one hand this shift from traditional gender roles give women the permission to work hard and be financially independent if they choose to.On the other hand, it can feel like a tremendous pressure to be “successful” on all levels We aren’t robots!Your ideal match may say that they want an independent and successful woman, but they can easily get threatened by your success and self assurance.(Again, ::sigh:: this is not fair, but it’s the truth).However, I would advise that you don’t spend too much of your time stressing about all the superficial rules…

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