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Bill gleaned exceedingly valuable information and leads on research and therapies.He also gave and received support and encouragement from this virtual community of people bound by a common tragic bond.

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Like any other kind of technology, the internet is morally neutral.

There are entertainment malls, where you can see pictures ranging from fine art in the Louvre ( to breaking news stories, watch video clips of live performances, and listen to speeches, music, and radio stations on the other side of the globe (

There are information malls where you can do research and gather information on everything from Caribbean vacations to the Crusades to castles.

Many of them have discovered that the internet's rich informational resources have provided a way to share common interests.

One father and his son like to surf the World Wide Web to explore their passions for the Civil War and astronomy.

My friend Bill, whose 8-year-old daughter Cheska lost a courageous battle with cancer, was grateful for the Brain Tumor list.

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