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They're trying to find hope." Beck says that finding hope was key to the script.

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Evelyn's pregnancy could be interpreted by viewers as reckless, given that a moan or an infant's cry would draw the monsters to slaughter the entire family. "The idea that the final film embraces is that this family is trying to find normalcy in a world that's turned upside down.

We were making microbudget films and studying film history," recalls Woods, who has been best friends with Beck since sixth grade.

"We fell in love with Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and all the things that can be accomplished without sound.

Assuming that the amount of silence in the film would make the chances of selling the duo's spec screenplay low, Beck and Woods devised a unique strategy.

"Scott was formerly a graphic designer, so he created images that we put inside the screenplay, to help realize our vision," says Woods.

I know that we’re privileged; we don’t have to worry about paying our rent or our medical bills.

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