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You Love Free Online Dating and Social Networking Site for Singles For friends, love, or money, the newly redesigned You Love Me mixes the best social networking features with traditional online dating for browsing our free personals ads for singles.

You Love will fly a selected female member on a date to meet the most eligible bachelor. Please contact Leo Cono (info below), to make an investment in You Love

And dons banner ads are simultaneously earning money for them as they socialize on the site. You Love is new breed incentive-based social media mixing free online dating and social networking all in one site. About You Love For friends, love, or money, You Love is an incentive-based next generation social media progression mixing free online dating and social networking all in one place.

You do not need a credit card on this free online dating / social networking site. Enter the You Love Me Raffle Giveaway Contests and earn a chance to win a free Webcam, flowers, chocolate basket or fruit basket.Webcams can range from 62 percent more likely lilly allen dating sam cooper she'll shannen doherty dating paul allen have the bells and whistles you could rock.Shannen Maria Doherty was born on April 12, 1971 in Memphis, Tennessee, the daughter of Rosa, a beauty parlor owner, and John Thomas Doherty, a mortgage consultant.On You Love, Members can meet and socialize with each other as "friends first" and then date later on."Friends first" is a good way to break the ice and communicate without the obligation of asking someone out on a date.An example is My Space with 300 million registered members versus with 15 million members".

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