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In 1915, Pankhurst gave her enthusiastic support to the International Women's Peace Congress, held at The Hague.

This support lost her some of her allies at home and contrasted sharply with the stance of her sister Christabel, who, following the Russian Revolution of February 1917 and Alexander Kerensky's rise to power, journeyed to Russia to advocate against its withdrawal from the war.

By 1914, Sylvia had many disagreements with the route the WSPU was taking.

It had become independent of any political party, but she wanted it to become an explicitly socialist organisation tackling wider issues than women's suffrage, and aligned with the Independent Labour Party.

Sylvia also contributed articles to the WSPU's newspaper, Votes for Women and, in 1911, she published a propagandist history of the WSPU's campaign, The Suffragette: The History of the Women's Militant Suffrage Movement.

Lilesa crossed his arms above his head as he finished the gruelling event - as a sign of solidarity with the Oromo people, who are protesting against the Ethiopian government reallocating them from their farmland.

Lilesa held his arms above his head, wrists crossed, in protest against the Ethiopian government as he crossed the finish line of the Olympics Men's Marathon final.

In this article she highlighted the potential role of what she called Household Soviets – "In order that mothers and those who are organisers of the family life of the community may be adequately represented, and may take their due part in the management of society, a system of household Soviets shall be built up." The CP(BSTI) was opposed to parliamentarism, in contrast to the views of the newly founded British Socialist Party which formed the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) in August 1920.

The CP(BSTI) soon dissolved itself into the larger, official Communist Party, but this unity was short-lived.

Her organisation attempted to defend the interests of women in the poorer parts of London.

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