Dating detective police officer


Vice detectives must make sure that no law is broken when apprehending criminals. Once a case goes to court, vice detectives appear as witnesses for the prosecuting attorney.

They must successfully articulate all the nuances of the case and the defendant's role.

A common defense against vice operations is the claim of coercion, and on the witness stand, the detective must show that no coercion was used when making a case against the defendant.

Individuals with an interest in becoming a vice detective should first check on the job opportunities available at their local police station.

Vice officers run many undercover “stings” to catch individuals engaging in criminal behavior.

They may pose as drug buyers to catch known dealers.

Vice detectives also apprehend criminals and assist the attorneys preparing cases against them.

Unlike other police officers in the department, vice detectives and their squads spend most of their time out of uniform.

This is because the easiest way to catch individuals engaging in illegal activities is to be among them, and a police uniform is, obviously, not conducive to this.

In most states, these acts are crimes that the police actively seek to curtail.

Many police departments have a vice squad with specially assigned detectives who focus on finding and capturing individuals engaging in illicit activities.

Police applicants undergo rigorous physical testing, which includes runs, pushups and pullups, that must be done in a set amount of time. Upon passing the initial requirements, applicants attend the police academy, where they learn firearm use and safety along with other requirements of law enforcement.

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