Dating an albino man


Blindness and other eye issues, as well as a propensity to burn in sunlight, are the physical challenges, but people with albinism also face the psychological challenges of looking different.Thanks to Hollywood, which delights in the myth that those with albinism are magical freaks – think of The Matrix Reloaded, The Da Vinci Code and even Javier Bardem’s role in Skyfall – that visual distinctiveness can compound the practical challenges of albinism.Bianca Knowlton-Johnson describes herself as an extreme blonde. She’s forgotten the number of times she’s attracted hostile looks or been called names: “ghost” and “Milkybar kid” are among the nicer ones.Knowlton Johnson is one of approximately 3,000 people in Britain with albinism, caused by a recessive gene, which has to be carried by both parents to be passed on to a child.“Still, it’s a great excuse for buying a massive TV,” she says.“My dad’s really jealous of it.” The condition has not held her back.

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Her bag was thrown in a puddle; she was pushed and had her hair trodden on. “It would’ve been easy to get pushed aside, so I knew I had to totally get to grips with being albino.Less extreme is ocular albinism, which mainly affects the eyes but not always skin and hair pigmentation.Astigmatism and nystagmus – when the eyes wobble – are also common.Nevertheless, her birth, 30 years ago, was a shock to her parents, Mike and Carin.“In those days people didn’t know what albinism was.That’s particularly difficult for children.” In parts of Africa, especially sub-Saharan Africa, living with albinism is life-threatening, as those with the condition are targeted by witch doctors for their body parts.

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