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In companies like Cisco, employees also work on several technologies that help humanity at large such as power management, reduced power usage, productivity-enhancing applications and so on.Senior employees there also have the option of working with NGOs to improve the NGO’s strategy, finances, business, or execution.Currently it is: birth, student, work, retirement and death.In a spiritual model, spirituality would travel through all these stages.Also, ‘student-hood’ would never terminate but rather continue throughout one’s life.

It is, therefore, imperative for organizations to understand the social milieu in which they function.As we move to deeper levels of spirituality, measurement becomes more difficult.Is there any evidence that spirituality as an issue is gaining interest?Spirituality, while it does enhance economic productivity, social connectivity, inner and outer health, should not be confused with economic materialism or indeed any type of materialism (even the spiritual variety, that is, collecting gurus, mantras, or using the spiritual to accumulate ego).The Spiritual Template of Our Life Part of the challenge we face is to transform our template of life itself.In an age of rising recognition and the imperative need to increase employee engagement, CSR initiatives follow suit.

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