Validating xml in java


Visit Stack Exchange As this related question describes, there does not appear to be a canonical way to validate XML files against an XSD then subsequently transform them using an XSL template with file paths determined from a catalog resolver.

The RELAX NG specifications have been developed within OASIS by the RELAX NG Technical Committeee.

Without directly involving SAX, how do you use a catalog resolver to both validate XML files using an XSD /** * Retrieves the XML schema definition using an XSD.

Stream Source; /** * Download */ public class Test XSD I think that they are redundant and brittle, but do not know what mechanisms are available to avoid having to manually parse and validate against an XSD whose file path is looked up using an XML catalog.

In fact, the internal class is just a repackaging of the Apache one.

If you use Maven, the dependency is the following: Catalog are a file-system based standard way to map an online schema location.

XML catalogs are the nominal solution for your quandary.

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