Updating color books in illustrator


Now it seems as though Adobe give you an older base set of Pantone colors and relies on you to invest in Pantone products to get the Pantone Color Manager software to update your libraries.I work within an advertising agency and we use many of the Pantone swatch books.2 Select any shape on the bus and then click on the newly added Hippie Orange swatch.

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I honestly don’t believe all our users know the differences in color temperature variances, it would only confuse them.

The installer is a free utility that allows you to integrate the PANTONE PLUS Libraries into Adobe Creative Suite.

The PANTONE PLUS Series is an enhancement to the PANTONE Matching System and retains all of the previously existing PANTONE Matching System colors.

Do I select the “Lab (D50/2)”, “Lab (D65/2)” or “s RGB (D65/2)”?

The agency does digital, print and video work, so to define a particular color (D) value based on one might seem wrong since we handle 3 different mediums in which those values should be different.

This is a discussion for another time, but why can’t Adobe and Pantone work more closely together to update these libraries (and include all the optional libraries) with periodic Adobe updates.

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