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After his death, he was interred on the bridge itself, in a small chapel standing on one of the bridge's surviving piers on the Avignon side.The Saint Nicholas Chapel sits on a platform on the upstream side of the second pier (between the second and third arches).

A bridge spanning the Rhône between Villeneuve-lès-Avignon and Avignon was built between 11.The exterior of the chapel shows evidence of the rebuilding work with blocked windows on the south-eastern wall.The nave is covered with stone roof tiles which rest on a series of corbels.The bridge was destroyed during the siege of Avignon by Louis VIII of France in 1226 but beginning in 1234 it was rebuilt.The bridge's construction was inspired by Saint Bénézet, a shepherd boy from the hamlet of Villard in the Ardèche who (according to tradition) while tending his flock heard the voice of Jesus Christ asking him to build a bridge across the river.This early bridge was destroyed forty years later during the Albigensian Crusade when Louis VIII of France laid siege to Avignon. It was very costly to maintain as the arches tended to collapse when the Rhône flooded.

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