Twitter not updating on blackberry

In comparison, 57% of those who go online but do not use Twitter, and 59% of internet users as a whole connect to the internet wirelessly.

Overall, cell phone ownership among Twitter users is comparable to the online population as a whole, but Twitter users are more likely to use their cell phone to text and go online.

As with many technologies, enthusiastic users have used Twitter for more than just answering the question, “What are you doing?

Adults who use online social networks are much more likely to say that they have used Twitter or some other service to update their status and read the status updates of others.

Nearly one quarter (23%) of social network users say they have ever Twittered or used a similar service.

Overall, 13% of internet users have created a blog.

A look at the demographic profile of Twitter users as a whole reveals some additional details about who uses Twitter and how they communicate and consume information.

Facebook offers a status update feature while other social networks offer taglines and mood updates, often rendered with an adjective and a smiley face indicating the corresponding emotion.

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