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I have been on both those sites before, the triplo x one is pretty much a dead end site, looks more like a started blog that was never finished with very basic info, the making contact has a contact for a [email protected] which I have emailed a few times with never a reply and phone number not answering.I just feel if I can't find much on the internet for this there can't be much awareness to this at all which is a shame.

We are based in Worcestershire, Kidderminster/Worcester Area. L They have a guide to services in your area Having days out at clubs for general disability will give her a lot of independence I know a Man with Downs who was brought up alone by his Mum, she did her very best for him and loved him with all her heart, but they were very isolated and he was totally reliant on her The Mums died and at over 40 he went to live with his brother, could hardly talk, or do any personal care etc His brother in the last 5 years has made massive strides to give him the independence and opportunity to be a happy adult man with his own life and interests and he is a totally different person!!

I will definately give Social Services a try, I really have had no dealings with them or know nothing about them, do you or anyone know what sorts of things they deal with and how? I think both me & my parents definately need support in this also as it impacts us and our feelings all very differently. xx Hi Sophie This is common with older Children who have issues, as there just wasn't the same help years ago so Parents just got on with it themselves, but things have changed and there is help It does sound as if, like pp said, your Sister has learning disabilities and would benefit from many things Firstly, Adult Social Care will have a disability worker who can come and assess her needs, for direct payments, these are for specifics to enhance her life, like clubs and trips If you tell me what area She lives in I can look for activities locally, this may be an icebreaker for you with your Parents as you could tell them about the club??

There will be some for LD and some for general disability for young Adults Try Contact a Family too as they have information Making : - Linking Families With Disabled Children There is an organisation that may also help She may well be eligible for DLA but this is changing to PIP for Adults now, so CAF can tell you more about this Hope this helps for now Fran Thanks so much for your reply Fran!

She spends all day at home, the only time she goes out is with my mum and dad, or my aunt or myself.

She wouldn't go to the shop round the corner to buy herself a chocolate bar, she doesn't understand money.

I will definately get in touch with social services with my mum and get her to do it while I am with her, she definately needs some social group, though I know my sister will hate it and tantrum and my mum finds that hard to deal with and does not want to push her to go to anything as she doesn't want to upset her, but without the encouragement and the pushing to go the situation will never get better and she will have 0 quality of life, especially when my parents are not around to bubble her anymore.

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