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Typical of this period was (1990), a six-page feminization piece featuring four pencil sketches.The narrative explored several themes common to the transgendered genre, such as The Dominant Matron, The Absent Father, The Wicked Sisters, The Family Conspiracy, The Secret Betrayed and The Dark Twin, amongst others.Scant attention was paid to tone or rendering, although later Photoshop revisions display minor shading to emphasize certain anatomical features.According to Kristy's (now defunct) website, her main reference materials were 1950s advertisements, employing an illustrative style she considered most appropriate to the subject matter.She remains a controversial figure within the online community due to her unwavering and often confrontational stance on the issues of free speech and unrestricted expression.In this article, we will analyze the development of Kristy's transgendered artwork, with particular emphasis on the areas of Petticoat Punishment and Pinafore Discipline.Gay dating sites offer both paid and unpaid options. Paid gay dating sites may offer more tools to filter and find the right match.Meanwhile, unpaid sites may have a larger number of members and allow people to try out their site for free.

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Important links can be found in the menu bar across the top of the page, and the rest of the site can be explored using the menu to the left.Basing her visual approach on old-school "thrillers" of the 1960s, Kristy's stories covered a range of interests including Caught With Consequences, Magical Transformations, Surgical Reassignment, Transhumanism, and Cyberfemme to name but a few.Despite a generally positive response from readers and enthusiasts, the Lakehurst website was shut down by a well-known internet watchdog group in 2008, based on false allegations of "sexually inappropriate material." Kristy has subsequently become an outspoken critic of digital censorship, defending the artistic and literary rights of gay, lesbian and transgendered individuals.Since the advent of the World Wide Web, she has turned her attention towards fetish-related material, concentrating primarily on spanking, tickling, bondage and transgendered imagery.Roughly twenty-five percent of her output involves TG content, although there is considerable overlap between the various genres. Each gay online site targets a different demographic.

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