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After looking up that number in some arcives i found out that the guitar was built in 1977.

Does any one have any clue to the model or even the value of the guitar? Another Lisa : I am trying to find the model number of my guitar serial # 77111624 it has what looks like abalone inlays in the frets and at the top of the guitar it has a light finish on the front with a dark wood on the sides and back of the body I think it might be from the late 1970's any help on this would be great thank you : Don't know the model but I can at least confirm the instrument is from the late 70's.

Thanks, Jim I'm also trying to find out the model of guitar i have now the name on the head stock says Granada but after taking a flash light and looking through the sound hole i found an area in the guitar near the neck that had a factory sticker that says Takamine and then the serial number 77093332.

the eight digit serial number YYMMDDXX 9 digit serial number is suppose to mean the last 3 digits are the production number ship but I can never make it work for all numbers ( serial number info taken from the 12th Edition Blue Book of Acoustics ) I recently wanted to date a Takemine guitar.

I went to the Takemine website and sent an e-mail with the serial number.

Only Japanese Pro series models use the serial number to indicate the date.

Looking at your pictures showing the one piece saddle I think you have a 'G' series model.

While most takamine guitars have 8 numbers in their serial number mine only is inked 47.4.8.

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