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“So, we want to explore where we can go as journalists to get our footage,” he said.“Journalists go out to public places trying to get their stories, and it’s important knowing your rights to avoid a lawsuit or worse – being arrested.

The Chronicle at Duke University poked fun at a story from the fall where a club was suspended after 23 members were cited for public nudity.

Nothing can get a student media outlet in trouble as quickly as an ill-timed or poorly received piece of satire.

But when done well, satire pieces or editions can offer some great commentary on current events, poke fun at the status quo or just make people laugh for a bit.

Updated April 3 Covering international students differently.

The Minnesota Daily chose to highlight international students, but not by looking at which countries send the most to the school.

One of the highlights is this piece stating that students started paying attention in class, thereby ruining the professors’ desire for an early spring break. The Chimes at Capital University does an annual satire edition, too, and this year announced White Castle would replace Aramark as the campus food provider. “[He] told us that we needed permission to record at the bus station because its private property essentially,” he said. They had us delete our footage and we left.” The students returned to campus and to a dismayed professor who “was outraged” students were being treated this way.

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