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Psalm 23 is a saga, a song of King David's spiritual quest to know his Creator. Read More Rising Above the Ashes was written twenty-four years ago, two years after my son's death.

It was a healing process to help me get through the pain and suffering so I could go on with my life.

Read More Every ten thousand years, a very special creature is born in each continent.

These creatures exist purely to keep the balance between all things. He is the average, normal child until he hits the tender age of thirteen, and then he transitions into adulthood.

It is also about my grandson who was one year old, three weeks after his father's death. Read More The relationship between science and theology has been a crisis for humanity since Darwin's publication of Origin of Species that affects the very core of scientific and Biblical truths with serious consequences. Cherian provides astounding facts of science that were deciphered in the last 500 years, each of which is r...Read More At the end of WWII, certain Nazis concoct a plan to keep their dreams alive.It was a secret kept alive by the escaping officers of the Third Reich.The purpose of the story is twofold: to enhance what the early reader may already know about the process of metamorphosi... But he was most familiar with the race from Orion Nebula. Read More This is the story of a young lad who began his life as a shepherd boy and became a king.Read More Captain Dave Dawson was Earth's first starship commander. Along his life's journey from the shepherd's field to a throne in his palace, he learned many lessons about life, love, guilt, and forgiveness.In lively and easy-to-understand prose, The Caterpillar and the Black Cherry Tree tells the story of the life cycle of a female painted lady butterfly in her natural habitat.

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