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I had attended a massage clinic to prepare myself for the experience and Lucy the...Read On Added: | Category: Mature | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 8,530 | Tags: toy boy mature cock sucking pussy licking fucking | 19 Comments A widow plans to take on a toy boy for the first time. This is the story of Jaq and I revisiting a dogging site. We had moved to Shawnee Mission, Kansas when I was ten years old. Read On Added: | Category: Mature | Avg Score: 4.69 | Words: 1,668 | Tags: mature cheating sucking fucking | 6 Comments Husband watches and joins in at the end Many of you will have read about our previous adventures.We shared some classes and lived in the same accommodation block, but weren’t close, just acquaintances.We lost touch in year two because I moved off-campus into a small flat that I rented with Maria, another classmate.This flat-share worked well and continued into my third year.

Read On Added: | Category: Mature | Avg Score: 4.91 | Words: 2,550 | Tags: cunnilingus fellatio anilingus penetration fucking | 2 Comments A threesome of unbelievable truth. Amy Marie Rogers and Stephanie Potteroff were the kind of friends one does not soon forget.

And then there is the talkative passenger in the next seat. I was traveling from Norfolk, Virginia, where I had just completed the Naval Radar-Navigator School,... As I quickly make my way torwards them, they both look at me. Read On Added: | Category: Mature | Avg Score: 3.67 | Words: 987 | Tags: mature older female younger boy oral straight sex | 4 Comments Never underestimate a mature woman Val was a nice, ordinary woman.

Read On Added: | Category: Mature | Avg Score: 4.81 | Words: 1,205 | Tags: sucking fucking young man mature slut | 12 Comments Driving Miss Daisy had nothing on Uber... She wouldn't mind me saying that, because she said it to me in the first place.

I see men of all ages staring at her and it makes me proud.

Chloe has always been very sexual and she just loves cock. Read On Added: | Category: Mature | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,524 | Tags: gilf milf mature cuckold cheating young | 8 Comments Shopping for a special friend requires special efforts The holidays were approaching, and I left work early to find a gift for a special someone.

Read On Added: | Category: Mature | Avg Score: 4.38 | Words: 777 | Tags: mature group messy | 7 Comments Young sailor meets older woman on Bus I have never traveled on a bus before, and any one that has will tell you, it is pure hell. People tell you staying at home with your kids is a noble thing. I then see Janice's daughter Chloe climbing into her boyfriend's broken down Camero.

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