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Where there is tissue heating, there’s an assumption that the heat might have an impact on cell development.

While cell damage hasn’t been documented concretely, the potential is enough for the FDA and ACOG to recommend limited use.

Some doctors recommend that unnecessary exposure to ultrasound (especially near the baby’s head) be avoided until 18 weeks.

In a routine and healthy pregnancy, it isn’t uncommon to have only one or two ultrasounds for the duration of the pregnancy.

Seeing a positive pregnancy test can bring about a host of emotions, thoughts and questions.

One question many mothers have is when can they see their baby’s heartbeat on ultrasound.

Find out more about week 6 of pregnancy in our informative pregnancy week by week series. A mother’s size, the position of her uterus, the location of baby, and the accuracy of dating can all affect when a heartbeat is seen on an ultrasound.

Even with all the variables, it’s very likely you will see a heartbeat by 7 weeks and extremely likely by 8 weeks of pregnancy.

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So your baby may be on the 30th percentile or the 80th percentile, but still be normal.Your pregnancy is dated from the first day of your last menstrual cycle.For many women, this means you’re 4 weeks at about the time of your missed period, and 6 weeks pregnant about two weeks after your missed period.If you’ve experienced any vaginal bleeding or spotting, or have significant pain, an ultrasound might be performed to check on the viability and location of your pregnancy (e.g. Like many procedures and medications during pregnancy, large scale double-blind studies to prove the safety or risk of ultrasound are nearly impossible.For this reason, the FDA and ACOG recommend that only healthcare providers utilise ultrasound technology, and only as medically necessary.A transvaginal ultrasound (an internal ultrasound) can detect a heartbeat around 6 weeks of pregnancy.

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