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The easiest way to use Vcpkg from Visual Studio is through the user-wide integration, making the system available to all VS projects you build.

This will require administrator access the first time it is used on a given machine. The best place to provide them is in the Git Hub repo: create new issues or vote on existing ones.

submit(); Because I do not see the modification on the Person Table View, I have to quit the application and restart it to view the modification of the name of the person in the Person Table View.

Can someone post the code to tell to the Person Table View that his model has changed and that it has to repaint or refresh or update or something else, the view. I need always to quit the application and to start it again to view the modification of the data showing in the Table View. But as a last resort (although I think there might be a problem with some other part of your code or with the dbms), try QAbstract Item Model (just remember it is protected).

Our Downloader is exposed to the QML context by setting it as context property downloader on the root Context of our view.

Last update: 04/09/2018 We are delighted to announce the availability of Vcpkg on Git Hub https://github.com/Microsoft/vcpkg .

I guess I could have a bat file or something that does it.

What needs to be run to generate the header files from the UI?

Project files are created by the developer, and are usually simple, but more sophisticated project files can be created for complex projects.Shortly after reviewing the Dune BD Prime HDI announced a new lineup of Dune’s called the Smart series.Thanks to Mike @ I just received a review unit of the new Dune HD Smart D1 Media Player which I will be taking a look at today.Try to create new Visual Studio project, and then choose "Qt Application" or similar - don't choose MFC application, etc...For this you have to have Qt add-in for Visual Studio.The proper solution is to emit layout Changed() or data Changed() from the model.

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