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The site was inhabited for thousands of years, with the archaeological site dating inhabitation from the Paleolithic age.

In historical records the village was first mentioned in 1241.

Here you can try the dominant of water park - 14-meter tower with Big Slide, which is 50 meters long. Your kids can have fun in the adventure pool with a diameter of 33 meters and 11-meter slide in the shape of a shark.

For swimmers, there is a swimming pool measuring 40 meters, 20 meters and a depth of 1.32 meters.

Though, with a beat as comforting as a warm, fading summer night, Chance the Rapper has perfected the sound of nostalgic, hip-hop balladry. This year, we get near-perfect '80s pop from Tegan and Sara.

No band makes you want to be young and stupid again more than Twin Peaks.

This summer it will very likely be Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling," which isn't even in the top 20 best Justin Timberlake songs. It's the song that you'll hear 10 years from now and suddenly remember exactly what you were doing during Summer 2016.

It's the reason whenever I hear "What's In It For" by little-known indie rock band Avi Buffalo that I remember getting in Roman candle fights on bikes in the streets of Fort Collins, Colorado, and the crappy little pink house I lived in with a huge back yard. The below songs are a mix of Billboard chart toppers (that are still good) and songs that will never make it to the charts (and are also very good! Looking back at all the A-list hip-hop contenders for songs of the summer they're all party songs.

On your coach route from Piestany to Vienna you might be looking for a particularly short travel time, for the cheapest bus ticket or for the best on-board amenities.

Apart from the traditional parade through the town and the blessing of the springs, the event features a full accompanying cultural programme.

Finding the right bus from Piestany to Vienna or from Vienna to Piestany just got a lot easier.

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The Vienna - Piestany bus route is operated by Eurolines Suisse, Semi Time S and Movelia.

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