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between 5th and 6th streets; also in an upstairs room of the Hemberger home, on a site afterward occupied by a main downtown hotel, near the depot. Palais celberated mass on one occasion, and Father Molony on another. George Nodler came from Madison, and taught at least two terms of 10 months each. Fater August Sennefeld came to assist him with the parish work, in August 1889, and remained for five months. 3, 1889, and his death marked the end of an era in the parish. The three years and three months which followed Father Missi's death were difficult times for the parish. Church and Rectory roofs were repaired, during the following year and an iron fence erected on parish property. From 1853 until 1858 masses were celebrated in the Kilgannon home on the south side of Hoosier St. His Seminary training was received in the Diocesan College at Vincennes (1853-59), and he was there ordained priest by Bishop St. Nicholas wolfram (brother of Theodore) were among the early lay teachers. After almsot 30 years of devoted service and unsparing work in Jennings county and vicinity, his great heart began to fail and he was confined to his bed in the rectory. Then he put stained glass windows in the church, and added the statue of the Sacred Heart of Mary. (now Second St.) was rocked and graveled by volunteer parish labor.At this time, Father Widerin discarded the old bells and installed a fine peal of bells, purchased from Stuckstede of St. The large bell weighs 1548 lbs., the medium bell 826 lbs., and the small one 504 lbs.The Seth Thomas tower clock cost 0.00 and has given wonderful service through its 64 years.

Infantry - Organized at Indianapolis, Ind., and mustered in March 6, 1865. Duty at Halltown, Charleston, Winchester, Stevenson's Depot and Opequan Creek till August.

His living quarters were up-stairs in the the school, and he was assisted by his sister-in-law, Miss Kyle. Mary-of-the Woods), was the last lay teacher in 1870. Soon after Father Missi came to North Vernon, he organized an Alter Society, which was later divided into two groups, with the Germans in St. Church fairs were held each fall to supplement the parish revenues. School was conducted in the 2-room building in the church yard, with 100 to 115 pupils in attendance. (Young Mens Institute) was organized in the parish, in 1902, and supplanted by Knights of Colubus in 1912.

School subjects were taught in both English and German, and some non-Catholics of German decent sent their children to him, until the German language began to be taught in the public school. When Father Missi was able to get the Sisters of St. Steady improvement of the property continued during the following years, with the church interior decorated, and new floors laid, and circular windows added in the sanctuary, and some new statuary and a pipe organ installed in 1902. The Church Tower This landmark of the parish and community was erected in 1897. After the work had started, the non-Catholics joined with the Catholics and sent a delegation to Father Widerin, requesting that a clock be installed. to the height of the tower and changed the planned proportion.

In Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bernard (David Hague) is the groom at the second wedding.

He and his new bride, Lydia (Sophie Thompson), are humiliated when they are interrupted in a passionate wedding day moment by Hugh Grant, who is accidentally locked in their honeymoon suite.

The Parish School This was Father Widerin's outstanding achievement.

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