Paranoid dating


The reason that's obvious is because it's in-your-face and everyone is going to notice that. And to be fair, I think most people have been where you are to some extent in the sense of wondering / hoping their SO isn't doing anything they wouldn't like.

I know when my girlfriend was at school when we first started dating, I sometimes got paranoid and started thinking about things.

Let her go, and seek therapy for why you behave the way you do. Break things off with this girl and let her find someone who does not feel the need to snoop and cause unnecessary drama where none exists.

You shouldn't be monitoring people on Facebook except for passively, and passively, they should be behaving.

It's respectful to do that, so that she at least knows who it is.

It's not wrong to add a guy / girl but there should be reason for it.

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Hey, So I've been going out with this girl for 8 months now. She's a very reserved, independent person and she's only had one boyfriend after high school.

We had the exclusivity talk a few days after they became friends on facebook and she said she wanted to be exclusive with me, she also seems to like me a lot, so I tried to forget about the whole thing because it was driving me crazy and I had no proof so I stopped checking their facebook for months.

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