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Amanda Thomashow was In 2014, Thomashow complained to Michigan State University that she had been sexually abused by Nassar.The university conducted a sexual harassment investigation and cleared him.Many of them were at MSU and involved "the lack of a chaperone during sensitive procedures and un-gloved skin-to-skin contact."In a statement, Thomashow told CBS News she felt anger and betrayed that her university concealed critically important information from her.Michigan State University told CBS News it was standard practice to have an internal version of a report when no violation of their sexual harassment policy had been found.The website and their 24-hour live chat line are confidential!

Keeping yourself healthy is important no matter what you do.Unknown to Thomashow, the report found "significant problems that the practice will want to address." Those problems included "exposing patients to unnecessary trauma based on the possibility of perceived inappropriate sexual misconduct," and "the failure to obtain consent." The report also recommended a chaperone during a "sensitive procedure." "Larry Nassar was cleared to practice again under new guidelines that weren't actually enforced," said Thomashow.A 2017 Michigan State University police investigation stated at least 12 assaults were reported after Nassar was cleared in 2014.The majority of the chats last six to 15 minutes, according to the Planned Parenthood data.And the top five subjects people ask about are pregnancy, the cost of services, menstruation/ovulation, the pill and abortions.The next few pages will provide honest, straightforward info about sex and sexuality, and hopefully clear up some of the questions you might have.

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