How long have oprah and stedman been dating

When asked if she would leave earth as a “never-married” woman, Oprah made her feelings very clear. “Yeah, I think that’s my final answer.” Tina exchanged vows with German music producer Erwin Bach at Lake Zurich, Switzerland.

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“I think it’s acceptable as a relationship, but if I had the title ‘wife,’ I think there would be other expectations for what a wife is and what a wife does.Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, who first started dating in 1983 and share a beautiful family together, have also vowed not to get married.Oprah Winfrey has revealed why she will never, ever marry her longtime partner Stedman — despite Tina Turner demanding she walk down the aisle.First of all, you’ve got to come home sometimes,” Oprah laughed.Oprah Winfrey has always made her own rules, and that’s no different when it comes to her personal life."The only time I brought it up was when I said to Stedman, ' What would have happened if we had actually gotten married? "And the answer is: ' We wouldn't be together.' We would not have stayed together, because marriage requires a different way of being in this world.

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