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The following comments reflect the balance of views received.I have just bought a compilation of Arab music videos and loved them.Amal Abdul Hadi, a feminist activist at the New Women's Foundation, sees the trend partly as a reaction to political marginalisation.

Music videos - or "video clips" as they are known - are the visual wallpaper of choice in the cafes, shops and discos frequented by Egypt's young people.

I definitely don't agree with the way some imitate these videos.

A lot of it is very vulgar." 'Reflecting change' Egyptian culture was relatively liberal in the 1970s but swung towards conservatism in the 1990s - although there are now signs of a counter swing.

Stars used to make video clips - now video clips make stars.

The clips' popularity among the young has triggered much social introspection.

The music is fresh and the videos are extremely well made.

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