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She is perhaps most recognizable as lesbian witch Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.This spring, Benson will star in fellow posse member Harmony Korine's upcoming Spring Breakers.(The close male friendships stoked the fires of rumor that he was gay or bisexual for years, though it seems it was all just a bromance.)The posse appears to have remained tight to this day, core members going to Lakers games and red carpets together.Tag your single friends who you consider "datable" — as a sign of approval for other people to date, and then they tag their "datable" friends.

The website also gives users tools to make interaction easy such as more open chat rooms, private live chat rooms and various messaging options.

There was a dispute over compensation for Bosch’s work, which is why my lawyer and I are listed under ‘moneys owed’ and not on any other list.

Haas lived in Di Caprio's house with him for seven years, until 2010 when Di Caprio's then-girlfriend Bar Refaeli reportedly made him kick Haas out.

Major League Baseball has suspended Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun for the remainder of 2013.

Braun, embattled by PED accusations related to the Biogenesis case, is suspended immediately and without pay, according to the commissioner's office.successfully appealed a PED suspension in 2012.

The way people connect and find potential love interests has evolved quite a bit over the last decade.

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