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Lastly, I thought it was interesting to find one of the plates was marked in ink 4.00. Sincerely, Jody============================Hi Jody'England' will most always be 20th century.

So, does this mean this set cost that amount in the 1930's?? I'll look into the mark details when I have a bit more time, but in the meantime, check out the general Crown Staffs prices on e Bay and (admin) Hi Im hoping you can help me I have this Tea pot that has been in the family for years my mother passed away two years ago and we are trying to get some more info If I remember correctly she said it belonged to her mothers mother the mark on the bottom says S&C myotts england it has the crown but its not rounded at all it also does not say staffordshire on it anywhere, I was hoping to load it on here to show you. The squiggles & hand written numbers are just production marks and have no real bearing.

Again, I completely understand you do not appraise, but I am thinking of selling.(With recently being layed off, my family could use all the help we can get right now.) So a range would be a wonderful help, so that I do not sell myself short. I have looked everywhere for the pattern and can not find it on any site.. A specialist collector in Crown Staffordshire might know, but I've never met anyone with that degree of knowledge, and it's doubtful even museums would have the records.

I have a set of 12 tea plates, 2 bigger more bowl-like plates and 3 smallish platters from crown staffordshire England.

On to the next, I have a tea set of Fine Bone China Crown Staffordshire England Est-1801, I do not beleive the whole set is here, I have 11 cups, and only 5 plates. I was wondering if there was any signifigance to the letters?

The mark on the bottom is the far right one that you show above, but on the cups & plates, below the word England, are different letters, and on at least 3, a * symbol. The plates are white with gold trim, a place for the tea cup to sit on the plate, and they look like a shell design, ribbed, not smooth.

NOTE: all the information is given in good faith and believed to be correct - however if you are going to use it for the basis of valuations, purchases or sales then you must verify it from independent, qualified sources.

In my view, even though they may not be as household a name as, say, Doulton or Worcester, they are one of the best and very collectible.

The cups are also trimmed with gold and they have pictures of old time cars, and people.

One other thing I noticed was near the marking on more of them than not, there is a mark of the gold, some have just a little "smudge", others have 2 little lines, some have 3 little lines in gold??

Nonetheless wherever possible, I try to do my best for my valued visitors!

I have uploaded three photos of the three marks of Crown Staffordshire (Thomas Green of Fenton, Staffs) which fit your description.

This good reputation was due to a large part to Jack Jones who as well as being a leading master sculptor (my profession), has also been described as one of the best ever designers of tableware.

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