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Continue reading (Right-click here to download the first RAW video file in its native 324 resolution.) (Right-click here to download the second RAW video file in its native 324 resolution.) Conservation Drones tested a backpack for… Visit this page for more information, and to register your interest.

Continue reading The Conservation Drones Asia Team and the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) flew two separate missions over a part of the Gunung Leuser National Park (Indonesia) between two time periods barely a few months… Continue reading We often get asked whether thermal imaging cameras can be used on drones. The latest edition of Primack’s Essentials of Conservation Biology is out. We are a step closer to our vision of making conservation drones a part…

Continue reading This is somewhat of an unusual post for us.

Maintaining Conservation is a very time-consuming and exhausting task for the four of us who are taking time off our ‘real’ day jobs to…

Continue reading Megan Melia,a MSc student at Liverpool John Moores University used drones with RGB cameras to count the nests of grey herons in the UK.

Here you can see some of the footage that was taken for her research.

This Ph D will be co-supervised by Serge Wich from Conservation Drones and be closely linked to work the Conservaiton Drones team is doing.…We featured one of them, the Caipy video drone, in our last post (850 mm wingspan). Continue reading Conservation has been working closely with WWF Nepal for the past year or so, supported by the WWF AREAS Programme.One of our long-term goals is to reduce training time for new drone…Continue reading We are partnering with the fantastic folks at Google Maps Engine and Google Earth Engine to host and process data from our drone missions.This will make it easier for researchers and conservation… Continue reading The Conservation Drones team is planning to run occasional, centralized training workshops on the use of conservation drones — our very own flight school!For some of the land-cover analyses we teamed up with and Enviro Drone. Continue reading Conservation Drones recently continued its work with Conservation International in Suriname as part of a broader forest monitoring program.

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