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Benjamin Bromley) – Examining the Outer Solar System Through Analysis of Telescope Data Jessica Arthurs (Prof.

Aster Tecle) – Economic Policies Effects on Forced Human Movement Richard Austin (Prof.

Keunhan Park) – Tip-Substrate Thermal Transport in Vacuum and Air with Varying Humidity Olivia Crowley (Prof.

Melinda Angus-Hill) – UROP Application Isolation and Characterization of a Novel Intestinal Stem Cell Brett Crump (Prof.

Donna Cross) – MRI-guided Focused Ultrasound to Promote Recovery After Spinal Cord Injury Jessica Christensen (Prof.

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Bruce Gale) – Zebrafish Embryo Genotyping: Harmonic Optimization of ZEG Device Jacob Crossley (Prof.

Robert Hitchcock) – Thermal Compensation of Intra-Vaginal Transducers to Improve Intra-Abdominal Pressure Measurements in Women Kelly Corbray (Prof.

Christie Toth) – Supporting Transfer Student Writing Transitions: Pilot Study Marcelo Correa (Prof.

Maureen Mathison) – Writing in the Sciences for Undergraduate STEM Education Success Alex Cipro (Prof.

Aniko Csirmaz) – Spatial and Temporal Preposition Comparison Landon Coles (Prof.

Melissa Schaefer) – Comparing Behaviors of Western Lowland Gorillas [Gorilla gorilla gorilla] in Indoor and Outdoor Zoo Enclosures Lauren Brocious (Prof.

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