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seems cut off Type of site: Tree Current use: other: indigenous plants.

Constructed of dressed stone with mud mortar and painted, at a later date, with cement mortar; Roof This blockhouse was erected during the latter part of the Anglo-Boer War (1899–1902) by the British troops.It served as a link in the defence network of Natal against the incursions of Boer guerilla fighters and is the only known blockhouse of its kind i Type of site: Blockhouse Previous use: fortification. From R615 take main turn-off into Bergville along Kingsway. Historical interest - was erected during later part of the Anglo-Boer war (1899–1902) by British tro This is the site of one of the most famous battles of the Anglo-Boer War.On 24–25 January 1900 the Battle of Spioenkop took place on this hill. On 24–25 January 1900 the Battle of Spioenkop took place on this hill.Main section of the police station building original Type of site: Courthouse, Police Station Current use: court and police station.Police station is one of the oldest and well-conserved structures in Dundee, and is also the best e A portion of the site of the Battle of Talana, being mostly agricultural land.The wooden pillars holding the corrugated iron veranda are original.

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