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Wood The Geek Behind the GURPS A conversation with Steve Jackson by Marc Savlov Plus: 'Postmarks Online' forum, 'Soccer Watch' updates, 'Ask Mr. calendar Community 82 Day Trips 86 Soccer Watch 87 Arts 88 Metamorphoses, Waiting on Godot, 99 Cent War Film 96 National Treasure, The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie, Enduring Love, Testosterone, Seed of Chucky Showtimes 98 Special Screenings 104 Music 106 Saul Williams, etc. Smarty Pants 131 Classifieds 132 The Common Law 140 Car Talk 157 To Your Health 159 Free Will Astrology 162 Personals i66 Luv Doc Recommends 166 Ahout AIDS 167 EDITOR Louis Black SENIOR EDITORS MANAGING EDITOR Cindy Widner FILM Marjorie Baumgarten ARTS Robert Faires MUSIC Raoul Hernandez NEWS Michael King CITY Mike Clark-Madison FOOD Virginia B. Steinberg LETTERS AT SAM Michael Ventura LITERA Ric Williams CLASSICAL, DANCE LISTINGS Robi Polgar FASHION Stephen Mac Millan Moser PRODUCTION ART DIRECTOR Taylor Holland PRODUCTION MANAGER Karen Rheudasil WEBMASTER Brian Barry PREPRESS MANAGER Mark Gates GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Tim Grisham, Carrie Lewis, Chris Linnen, Liz Osting, Doug St. Terri Smith OFFICE STAFF CONTROLLER Michael Schwarz SUBSCRIPTIONS Amy Le Grand CREDIT MANAGER cindy soo ACCOUNTING Liz Franklin ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT Samantha Mc Clellan INFO CENTER Roxanne Hillburn, Amy Le Grand SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR Steve Raymond COMPUTER HELP DESK TECH Gary Hyatt SPECIAL EVENTS Elizabeth Derczo CIRCULATION John Williamson (mgr), Erik Conn, Perry Drake, Joy Fairchild, Tom Fairchild, Ruben Flores, Brent Malkus, Michael Mc Kenzie, Grant Melcher, Paul Minor, Dane Richardson, Mike Sommers, Estela Villarreal, Jeff Watts, Nicholas Wibbelsman, David Williford CONTRIBUTORS Lynda Barry, Greg Beets, Kevin Brass, Rob Brezsny, Jim Caligiuri, Michael Chamy, Barbara Chisholm, Lloyd Dangle, Peat Duggins, Rachel Felt, Robert Gabriel, Melanie Haupt, Marritt Ingman, David Lynch, Tom and Ray Magliozz I, Wes Marshall, Daniel Mottola, RS. The Austin Chronicle • PO Box 49066, Austin, TX 78765 • 512/454-5766 • Classifieds: 512/454-5767 • Personals: 512/454-5768 • E-mail: mai K^• 6 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I NOVEMBER 19, 2004 Car Donation j hope House m firm WITH Va WR HELP ■ CARE 1^ PRIDf Vin En Ff^R 4^ ^EVERELV CHALL£Nt EP OIILDn EN FRT^I VIRTL-ALLV EVEITV ^J NEICHRn RHDQD.

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i crt cnn lie TOUGH ON A GEEK HARC SAVL0V n why Austin s gome a«veiopei£ aavi ALL THE ANSWERS. Lant 2^^ 2 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I NOVEMBER 19, 2004 NOVEMBER 19, 2004 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I 3 UT PERFORMING ARTS CENTER PRESENTS American Ballet Theatre PROGRAM Mozartiana GEORGE BALANCHINE Petit Mort/Sechs Tanze JIRI KYLIAN Pillar of Fire ANTHONY TUDOR |senting Pa: al Thanks: Media Partners: KGSR& AUSTIN CHRONICLE Underwritten By: JANNIS & ROBERT BALDWIN FRI & SAT @ 8 PM UT [email protected] concert hall rp.^j^g^g I WWW. ORG OR 477-6060 Also available at UT PAC, Erwin Center & HEB stores.

Classic Turkey Dinner Diestel All-Natural Turkey, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Traditional Herb Stuffing, Green Beans with Bell Peppers & Toasted Almonds, Fresh Cranberry Sauce with Ginger, Turkey Gravy, Dinner Rolls and Pumpkin Pie. NOVEMBER 19, 2004 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I 9 page two, FROM P.

9.99 serves 6-8 guests ^int (J|)ex:ia£f Estancia Pinnacles Pinot Noir Sale .99 reg. 8 Fred Astaire danced; Roy Rogers rode Trigger; John Wayne stuck out his leg and kicked a guy across the room.

The bear of a man, the car accident of a voice, the brilliant lyricism and potent imagery of the song combined. Censorship Denies Reality Dear Editor, The recent decision by the State Board of Education to censor sex education in health texts for Texas high school students stifles objectivity among adolescents and teenagers facing the challenges of sexual development and the responsibilities of sexu- al activity ["Texas Remains Sexless," News, Nov. An agenda aimed at advancing morality over the fac- tual analysis of health care, family planning, social relationships, and self-evaluation serves neither stu- dent nor society.

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