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The solution to your problems is not in the woman but in yourself, but it does take a type of humility to realize that YOU are the problem (consider the Nice Guy: HE is right and the WORLD/WOMEN are wrong. This slammed the door on me on all the 'lay reports' and all. And being an androgenous is not a virtue, and being masculine is not a vice. “Judge by actions, not by words.” Pook then took the young man to a wall with a majestic painting on it. “Why,” said the Pook, “it is All Women, Mother Nature herself! “Now let us summon up a Don Juan and observe his mannerisms.” In a fountain of light descended a Don Juan. There are women around and other men are hitting on them! ” The Don Juan just shrugged his shoulders and laughed. It is the patient ones that control the world; the impatient ones are controlled by it! It gets corrupted with 'intellect', 'philosphies', and 'education'. How do you create intimacy with the beautiful innocent type? " Well, when you were a nice guy how were you showing your desire? Now when your ROMANTIC MACHINE gets turned back on, you do not display your desire on the seen channels (through flowers, gifts, chocolate, poetry) but through the unseen realm (eye contact, voice tone, getting to the point, etc.) So when I was at dinner with my beautiful innocent girl, I started eye contact and never looked away except to eat my food. This is why I now agree wtih Anti-Dump in that archived thread. I also wouldn't recommend Nice Guys to act like how I am now. You get to know BEFOREHAND where you want to go so you have all the time in the world to be prepared. With you being comfortable and prepared, already your time will be more enjoyable. Diesel, I used to think the same about women at one point. You will find it in art, business, politics, society in general. The more I looked into the core of woman, the more I saw the spirit of man. I want new furniture, carpeting, curtains, wallpaper... So he quit his job and embraced his dream of being paid to take people fly-fishing (with a beat up pick-up I might add).

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Đơn vị chủ quản: Công ty Cổ phần NCT Địa chỉ: Tòa nhà HAGL Safomec, 7/1 Thành Thái, P14, Q10, TP. He doesn't know he is going to turn into the sad adult that you are now. This isn't too far off as girls can totally devour and destroy a man and his life. You would (and ought to) get beaten up on the playground. (especially with younger 'immature' women! ) When you are with a woman and a thousand Don Juan philosophies and tactics come to thwart your peace, remember the kid that you were... Rather than being nervous about some date, view the date as if you were seven years old. A woman may do everything, except slip a penis in her vagina, and may call herself a virgin. Then there are guys who may not have had sex but are FULLY AWARE of sexuality, have been stung by it in consciousness, understand and play the part. How absurd is this sentence: "Deliver me the philosophies necessary to make me laugh." What!Now we recommend you to Download first result Changer Don Juan MP3 which is uploaded by NGUYEN Chung Tien of size 5.56 MB, duration 4 minutes 3 seconds and bitrate is 192. I actually disagree with some of the stuff I’ve put up here, but I want to read it anyway because it has value as a viewpoint, and hell, maybe I’ll change my mind someday when I become wiser and Pookier. It is no wonder parents find their offspring such a wonder as they reframe the dull life of bills, appointments, and responsibilities with the fire of youth. You have responsibilities such as bills and chores and work to do. You pulled their hair, made fun of their clothes... A person of 80 obviously has more errors than that of 40. Freud believed that this young male's reaction was because of repression. It is impossible to turn off all emotions in rational descision making. When the beautiful woman came into his orbit, he tried to compartmentalize. Logic is to this universe as feeling/conversation is to Womaniverse. But in the end, you are still in your same shy philosophy-obsessed world. " And we reply, "We do not close the world to you, YOU close the world to you. I smell the gasy effects of a holocaust of sexuality.Please Note: Before downloading you can preview any song by mouse over the ▶ PLAY button and click Play or Click to DOWNLOAD button to download hd quality mp3 files. And download for free donjuan-changer.mp3 All content taken from DJ Bible v4.0 maintained by: Previously maintained by: Neophyte, Nicholas Hill, Diablo, crazykid Dedicated to the memory of jophil28 Well, seeing as I’ve decided to make this available to you guys I should make a disclaimer. Pook goes beyond simple seduction and takes us to the bigger picture, LIFE. He’s addressed some of the anti-Pook issues very well in the post I put as the introduction. ..because an internet guy named De Angelo told you to do so, but because you knew instinctively that it was right and proper for you to do. His tissues start to fail, making his organs fail, then entire organ systems collapse, until life is snuffed out. He knew something was wrong but he can't figure it out. Yes, 'ol Descartes thought that he could divide the mind and body with his philosophies. I'm sure you've heard it before: 'that guy is going to turn into a playboy because he was sexually repressed! A girl can be hot but what does that matter unless you mentally acknoledge it? The point is that Spinoza was right and Descartes was wrong. You just destroyed her and turned her into a part of a ‘philosophy’ to absorb. She doesn’t care if you are still running on VIRGIN or not. If you have a problem with it, it is guaranteed that SHE will. Sexuality is not a ‘philosophy’ to learn, it is more like a ‘dance’. Do not demand philosophies of sexuality; you’ll only end up destroying it. One thing we hear all the time from people is that, "Go out and immediately get laid, THEN you won't have any trouble with women! Nazi-like feminists and their footsoldiers, the intellectuals (all believing themselves brilliant and far above Mankind), wearing their arm bands of degrees and organizations, march women and men to 'education chambers' where philosophic spores are clouded into the rooms.A good example of this is the ' Habit is All' thread. Things that help me I put out on the table, since maybe some of you guys have the same problems I did. I think that was when my Big Change came was when I realized that I was the problem, not the women. Looking at my past posts, I can see how A leads into B and then to C and so on. He knows he is the Prince.” “But the women...” “..not significant! The guys that can get almost any women are not scared or nervous that other guys are hitting on girls. In fact, he might let them have free reign to weed out the desperate and stupid chicks from the smart and picky ones. The problem isn't because you aged (because in sexuality, time doesn't exist), the problem with many is they've become so super-intellectual or so 'educated' that it corrupts their sexuality. It gets corrupted by cell division error and free radicals. Gentlemen, to show you the extent of the damage this male labels as shyness, let us look at it through the woman's perspective. Desire is what will get you the beautiful innocent girl. OK, now we aren't doing these stupid sappy things. The next step is to see if the conversation is flowing. It's not possible to be horny and not needy at the same time (unless of course you're a "think about sex and have no sex"-sexual) Some people ask, "Why does Pook hammer the same points again and again? I'm a bit wiser now but the same principle applies. If you do NOT kino her, she will see you sexually as a mannequin. Because mannequins do not initiate kino." Years later... " What you're forgetting is that after years, I am no longer that old Nice Guy. If I put up a ' Sexuality' scale, some guys would be at LOW sexuality (Nice Guys) while some guys would be at the HIGHER end. I'd take a museum, opera, or art gallery over any club but that's just me (and TONS of chicks are there too). On the DJ chat, I saw this problem come up numerous times. You KNOW what the costs will be, what the environment will be, so you know how much money to take and what to wear. The more time progressed, the more it became clear to me that I was trying to define a mirror. He was in a nonsense position of a vice president of a bank.A very simple message (that provided clarity in my life) but obsfuscated by nonsensical replies. If the post sounds like Latin to you, then don't consider it. That's why I rage against the 'focus on women/controlling women/tactics' posts (or rather, when they rage at me). For example, the Kill That Desperation post (for me) slammed the door shut on 'tricks' and 'tactics'. After that came "Be A Man" which seperated sexuality from intercourse. As with muscles, it is the strong guys that know they are capable who are quiet and patient. It is the large dogs that are quieter while the small dogs make up for their size with their obnoxious bark. In the same manner, your mind/soul doesn't age. However, this desire needs to be transmitted along this 'unseen' plane. I was rejected by this one girl that I really really liked which orignally sent me to this forum (this was four years ago). She is the perfect example of the 'beautiful innocent' type. You just can't go up to her and start grabbing things. "But didn't you say you ought to be desireless? Now we have to rebuild the ROMANTIC MACHINE (replace it with something like Anti-Dump's Machine). Look at it like this: Years ago, when I first came to this forum, I was a Nice Guy. I do not kino a chick, certainly not on dates at first. The Nice Guy comes across to the woman as BORING and sexually a zero. So when I started kinoing and stuff, I got an INSTANT REACTION from her. One difference from those old Nice Guy days is that I've gained 30 pounds of muscle mass, dress better, talk better, more confident, etc. If I start kinoing a girl now, I will be seen as coming on too strong and too desperate. I honestly can't say the specifics of how one should act or say to a girl because everyone is different points on this scale. It wasn't that the guy was scared of rejection. For the shy guys wishing they were girls, this is why you should be thankful you are the guy. It ended up blossoming into studying sexuality itself, and how it transcends the sex act itself. In my mind, it seemed I posted an article on femininity but it ends up being on masculinity instead! Be careful she doesn’t take your covers when she gets back! Sit back, kick off the shoes, and find a good show. He decided, once in his life, that he would do what HE wanted to do.I ask a group of guys what a guy does that is MALE. How often is it that a lad offers gifts and treasures as sacrifices to her goddess-likeness for in his mind she is a goddess? Our vanity will convert the image of every disinterested girl into secretly loving us (for women tell us what we want to hear). “I will be patient and let the cards fall where they may.” Notice that this was NOT inaction or an abrupt slowness. When they did it to the man, though, he just laughed, replied, AND WENT ON HIS WAY. This is an anti-intellectual post (very tame of what will follow). Almost every biography I've seen of world changing men always contain the fact that they fell in love with a woman and did not get her. The Nice Guy desire to ‘merge’ with a woman is partly a desire to lose himself.

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