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A DATING website is opening an exclusive new club where every guest is vetted to ensure they are attractive enough to enter.Those deemed to not reach the California club's standard - which is decided by a panel of judges - will be ejected from the bar.People who are passionate about Star Trek, Star Wars or any science fiction should visit this website.Whether it be for convention-buddies or for serious relationships, this website is geared towards the Trekkies and Trekventionists (a word my friends made up for people who frequent Trek-ventions).Picture yourself filling out an online profile for a dating site and one of the questions you ask yourself is “Who do I want to spend the rest of my life with if we the end of the world comes?”That is what most people think about when filling out the criteria for dating site, , whose slogan is “Where survivalists and preppers meet." This type of dating website adheres to the crowd that is interested in finding the perfect mate to spend the end of the world with. Phil and proposes to help individuals find successful and affluent people.Obviously a lot of these are geared towards heterosexuals. I am sure there are other LGBT websites that focus specific-niche groups, as well.

It focuses on promoting pen pals between women in prison with outside individuals.People who are very pet friendly and view animals just as important as people are geared towards this site.If you love your pets and want to find somebody who shares the same love for their pet, this site is for you.These are for individuals who are interested in dating people much older or younger than their age.It is specifically for older men/younger women relationships and older women/younger men relationships.This site is specifically for males to find other males who are interested in hooking up.

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